Blitz ‘n Rinse Water Basin


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Ready-to-assemble (also known as flat pack, knockdown or kit) furniture took the world by storm when IKEA introduced their range of furniture with interlocking joints and clever technology to allow for complex, function and stylish accessories to your home or office to be pack up in their factory and shipping to your door in a small box, leaving the fun part for you!

Blitz ‘n Rinse features complex engineering in a patent pending design, capable of being flat packed into a box and shipped around the country and world. With a few large wood pieces and only a couple of screws to attach the front vanity plate, the Blitz ‘n Rinse basin can be assembled by a child it is so easy, even involve the cat.

Assembly Instructions

All your components should arrive to your location after purchasing through Check through the box to make sure all the components are there. Anything misses or broke? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Here I laid out all the smaller pieces in front of me on a table to identify and grab what I need quicker. I did the same with the bigger pieces of wood.


We will start by assembly the base of the basin where the pump will sit. You can either assemble it like I have done below without putting the pump in or scroll down and see how I pushed it in after and just put it in now instead! Either is fine but we can work with the structure more easily without tubes flapping about.


Grab these pieces for this first part.


It should be simple to slot all the pieces together. Take this small group and find the corresponding holes in the base plate.

After slipping the legs in the hole. Push it forward to lock in place. This should be easy to do, but don’t be afraid to give it some force if it’s a bit of a tight squeeze!

These wedges are inserted from the bottom to keep it more stable. If it doesn’t go in easily after pushing the footpedal group as far forward as you can, use a rubber mallet or anything to hit them tight. After its snug we can put together the frame.

Go ahead and grab these pieces so long. First we will connect a cross support to the plate in the front, both provide very needed structural support. It is easier to assemble it all on the floor lying flat. I did it alone and it took only 10-15 minutes total! With a friend it will no doubt go quicker.

With the front and base plate attached loosely to one of the sides, you can lower the other side onto and align the whole. Push all the pieces towards the bottom of the Blitz ‘n Rinse to secure it in place. Gravity will keep it where it is for you after its fully assemble and upright.

Align the holes and push down.


Push the front plate down once you have lifted the stand upright to lock them in place. Do the same for the base plate.


It’s taking shape so quick! Just slot in the next few pieces and you’re done the frame 😊

These pieces are simply to guide the water container and make sure it’s a snug fit. They are not compulsory and provide no other purpose.

The hand sanitizer or soap hold is also not necessary to put in but do so if you wish to have a place to put in soap. The curved piece is the support for the waterspout to sit on.



Awesome, that’s that! If it seems a bit wobbly right now it’s because the front foamalux sheet hasn’t been screwed in which will act as cross support for the structure.

Next it’s time to sort out the pump and tubes that the water will run through. As mentioned earlier, putting the pump in before wedging the foot pedal in place will yield the same result. Simply squeeze the pump into the housing.  

The yellow fitting is a one-way valve that allows the water to be sent up without slipping down the tube quickly. Make sure it is pointing towards the side without the hand sanitizer holder, as this wall containers predrilled holes for you to cable tie the tube up!   

Along the length of the sides, cable tie the tubes up as far as there are holes. Make sure not to overtighten the cable tie!

Remove any place along the tube where there is a kink.

When the tube is cable tied into position you can leave the cable ties or snip the excess off them. The tube should follow along the wall and the spout, making sure to position the end where the water will come out not too far down.

The front foamalux sheet can be easily screwed on with a power drill or screw driver by locating the holes on the sheet to the ones on the front of the basin stand.


When the sheet is securely screwed in place, slot the basin in the designated slits.

Here we have used two 30L plastic containers cleaned and repurposed for fresh water (bottom) and gray water (top). The top container didn’t fit with one of the side spacers so it was simply removed, and was faced towards the front where the container hole (lid off) lines up with the plastic sink drain hole. The intake tube is simply put in the fresh water container.


And you’ve now successfully put together the Blitz ‘n Rinse hand free basin! To get it to function, ‘bleed’ the tube by pumping the foot pedal until water comes out or sucking the out take tube to bring water in the pump.


Lastly make sure the water is draining correctly into the gray water container and not spilling.

I hope this has been a pleasant experience and you had no issues!

  • I'd recommend that you paint over your water basin if you had the wood grain finish as it will seal the wood. Getting it wet can result in warping and rot!
    You could paint it creativity if you are using it in a school or gallery.
  • If you want it to be more sturdy just use wood glue and/or screw on all the interlocks and touching edges.

Remember to contact us for faulty, broken or missing pieces and products.

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